Want a screw?

    I already posted this on Facebook. It’s an image of the titanium plates/screws that are going to go into my neck. There will be several, I believe. And I think it completely ROCKS that they are purple! If you’re going to have screws in your body, they need to be really cool screws.

    As I said on Facebook, my surgery will be at noon on Aug. 13 at Exempla/St. Joseph’s in Denver. If all goes well, I’ll be home in a couple of days and spend the next eight weeks recuperating there.

    I don’t like hospitals much — too little chocolate, weird jammies — but I think I’ll be too out of it most of the time to care where I am. The doc said they will be trying to get me up to walk the first night. Yeah, good luck with that!

    I’m trying to stay positive, thinking of the eight weeks as a “staycation” but with percocet instead of margaritas.

    So... This week’s discussion topic went over like a lead balloon. Bummer! I find it interesting to ponder such things, but that’s the result of writing opinion columns for umpteen years. I spend a lot of time ruminating over stuff like that.

    This weekend, the Fourth of July weekend, I have something completely different planned, something related both to the roots of this holiday that ties in with my MacKinnon’s Ranger series.

    So have a safe Fourth and stay tuned!

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