My RomCon Schedule

    After months of planning (not by me), RomCon comes to Denver! It’s the First Annual RomCon, and it should be a blast. RomCon is about readers being able to spend time with their favorite authors, and it’s about reading.

    I wanted to post my schedule so that those of you who are coming can note which events we have in common and when I might have a break. I won’t be staying at the author hotel; I’m going to stay in my own house which is about 45 minutes to an hour away from the convention hotel.

    I'm looking forward to meeting author Anna Campbell in person, as well as other important Aussies. I’m also going to be meeting some of you face to face for the first time. I’ve met Kristie J before, but she’ll be there again. That will be fantastic. And maybe, just maybe, Tara Janzen and I will get some face time. How can two people who live 35 minutes apart never see each other?!? It baffles both of us.

    I imagine I’ll blog about the conference and share photos with you.

    12:30-3:30 PM Pamela Clare Reality Tour
    3-4:50 PM Build a Hero (might be late for this one)
    7-7:45 PM Readers' Crown Awards
    8-11 PM Costume Ball
    8:30-10 PM Blogger/Reviewer Party

    9-9:50 AM Reader Round Table
    10-10:50 AM Q&A Author Chat with Romantic Suspense Authors
    12 - 2 PM Book Fair
    4:30-5:20 PM Author Avenue
    7:15-7:45 PM Borders' Romance Bestsellers Awards
    8-11 PM Black and White Masquerade Ball (Might not attend this; hope to spend time with some of you in a sane setting)

    9-9:50 AM Memory Lane
    10-10:50 PM Games Finale
    11-11:50 AM Q&A Author Mixer - Historical

    The discussion about Julian and whether he is or isn’t a rapist continues below. I just needed to get this up here because RomCon starts Thursday for me. I’ll be meeting with my editor from Penguin to celebrate my new contract.

    Happy Hump Day!

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