MTM — Back to basics

    Last Monday, MTM took a holiday. This week, we’re back with the beef — and an announcement about the cover of Breaking Point, my next I-Team novel (July 2011). But first the beef...

    The fellow above seems to be giving us a peek at one beautiful man breast. The rest of him is beautiful, too. Let’s stare for a while.

    I know I'm supposed to be looking at this model’s chest, but his package is what keeps catching my eye. Is that real? Yes, yes, I think it is. Let me look some more...

    Thank goodness there’s no rule about how long we can stare. (Just remember to blink.)

    Here’s beautiful Jed Hill again. I cannot get enough of this man. I think he’s imprinted on my retinas. And that’s a good thing!

    And here’s the announcement: This weekend at RomCon, I met with my editor from Berkley. And she had a surprise for me. She has apparently gotten word of my fondness for the handsome Mr. Hill from reading this blog, and she is working with the art director to get him as the model for the cover of Breaking Point. This would be purrfect, of course, because he’s who I visualize when I think of Zach MacBride, the hero. It’s not certain by any means that they’ll be able to work things out, but please keep your fingers crossed!

    Having him on the cover of the book when he’s the one I think of as I’m writing it would be too cool! And it’s going to be a different sort of cover this time. After four I-Team books, the art department feels like shaking things up. And that’s great because the story itself is different in that much of it takes place in Mexico.

    Other news: I’ve posted photos from RomCon on my Facebook page. My neck problem is such that I wasn’t feeling great, but I managed to be there for most of it. Now I’m missing everyone — and I’m completely zonked. I’ll be getting together with the lovely and kind Anna Campbell Tuesday evening, so there’s still something to look forward to.

    Lucy, Kristie, Cheri, Jackie, KatH and Sari — Thanks so much for flying in and for joining me on the Reality Tour. It was fantastic having you there. I hope you all got to meet lots of authors and had fun. (Jackie, I know you had fun, girl. There’s probably video up on YouTube.)

    Kat and Sari, thanks for hangin’ with me and for letting me use your hotel room to dump my junk.

    Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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