MTM — Damn, it's good to be a woman

    I cannot get enough of Jed Hill. I’ve been using his image when I need inspiration for describing Zach in Breaking Point. So, occasionally, I browse through the photos of him I have been sent and collected — for research purposes only, of course. And every time I do, I find myself feeling incredibly grateful that I’m a woman.

    Whether he’s got a football in his hand or whether he's tugging at a T-shirt or wearing boxing gloves, he’s just hot. I have other more revealing photographs that probably aren't appropriate for a blog — his bare behind, for example.

    He has the most incredible obliques in the world — and the rest of him is freaking perfect from his hair to those eyes to that mouth.

    I mean, look at his mouth. Look. At. His. Mouth. A mouth like that could do some serious kissing...

    If you’re drooling, well, so am I. This guy just makes my uterus clench, okay? What more can I say?

    It's going to be a fairly busy week for me, but not as busy as last week. Thank goodness! Benjy and I will continue our hunt for a car for him. And on Friday, I have my much-awaited appointment with the neurosurgeon. But as busy as it gets, I’ll try not to leave you staring at these photos all week. This isn’t just a beefcake blog, after all.

    Except on Mondays. Have a lovely day!

    Sorry, Mom — no manatees.

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