MTM — Beefcake. It's what's for breakfast


    Last Monday we had a holiday, so no Man-Titty Monday.

    But this week, it’s back to the grind — or, rather, the bump and grind. Because that’s how we do it on my blog.

    I thought for this week we’d go for mouth-watering sexy. So grab your bib, because we’re going to break our fasts on manflesh.

    The photo at the top makes me hungry, displaying in all its beauty the ripped male torso. Egads! I need an app that makes you feel like you’re touching what you see on your screen. (Wow, the porn industry would probably kill for an app like that, wouldn’t it?)


    This gentleman should have gone up a couple of weeks back when the theme was men in blue jeans, but I only found him after that when I went to visit Tracy's beef farm on Goodreads. I figured you all wouldn’t mind my posting him this week.

    Finger-lickin’ good!

    Too bad this photo isn’t in color. Even so, it’s a mouth-watering treat to behold, a true breakfast of champions — much better for you than the Diet Coke and cigarette my dear friend Lynsey has every morning before work.

    I hope everyone had a great weekend and is off to a great start this summer!

    Have a luscious Monday!

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