Manatee Monday?!?

    These two are hero and heroine in a manatee romance. See how they’re holding hands?

    Sorry again to be gone for so long. Life is not slowing down one iota. But I did want to share a quick laugh.

    Today was dedicated to helping my younger son, Benjamin, find a car to buy. It did not go well. Used car salesmen can be scumbags. Fortunately, Benjamin did a lot of research into how to buy a car and did not get taken. But the process of standing up for himself brought out one guy’s inner jerk (not so deeply hidden, it turns out). And so that wasn't fun.

    But we turned it into an evening with my folks, who moved from a town 360 miles away on the other side of the mountains to a little town about 35 minutes away.

    In the course of the evening, I told my parents how this past Man-Titty Monday several of you thought my dad's ritual of calling my mom from the summit of the mountains he climbed (and he has climbed all but two of the 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado as well as big peaks in other states) was touching. We talked about this for a few minutes, and then my mom wanted to know why I called my blog entry “Mantee Monday.”

    I just about died laughing.

    Manatee Monday?!?!?

    I had to pull out my laptop and show her and my father what I meant. Meanwhile, Benjamin was still howling with laughter.

    Not Manatee Monday, though Manatees are wonderful (and I hope they won't be hurt by BP’s terrible spill). It’s MAN-TITTY Monday.

    A bit of a difference there.

    Our quest to find a car failed. Sadness! Tomorrow I must spend the day writing, so we won’t be searching again this weekend.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone! I hope to have photos of my garden soon! It's amazing! My King Arthur delphinium is as tall as I am. (Oh, and since most of you haven't met me in person, I’ll just say that I'm 5-foot-10.)

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