NAKED EDGE — an update

    Why do you think they call it deadline?

    Thanks to Lucy Abarcia from Ever After-The Romance Book Specialists in Wollongong, NSW, Australia, I found out that a great many people are expecting Naked Edge to be released in April.

    Wow, do I feel awful or what? D'oh!

    Sadly, the book won't be out till November, and that's if — and only if — I hurry up and finish it. As many of you know, last year from May on was one catastrophe after another in my personal life. Two kids in serious car crashes. A tornado that destroyed my roof. And so on ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

    Though 2009 has been a better year so far, we've had some serious health problems in my family, and I'm very, very behind on the story. This weekend I reached the official halfway point, which is where I should have been last May.

    I just wanted everyone to know that the book is not going to be out next month and that I will write as fast as I can, but not so fast that the book stinks. I really never want to rush a book. Both my readers and my characters deserve better. If I ever felt like I let either of those groups down, I'd feel terrible. Readers trust me to tell a good story, and my characters entrust me with their very lives. That's how it feels to me, anyway.

    So I really am trying. I am not sitting around watching TV and eating bonbons. I don't have TV, and I'm not sure what bonbons are. I write every single moment I can, though I do try to maintain my blog and keep up with email. (I'm only behind by 58 reader emails now! Woohoo! My Inbox had more than 1,200 messages on Monday morning.)

    My agent has been concerned enough about my situation to send cards and care packages to cheer me up. My editor, who knows what's been happening this past year, has been very supportive and just wants me to take care of my kids and my family first and then write the book when I'm able. And, really, I haven't had a choice. My kids and family have to come first. That's part of what romance novels show us, right?

    But things are looking up! (AT LAST!)

    THANKS for being so patient! I promise to torture you with excerpts and photos of sexy rock climbers (like Gabe, my hero) as often as I can.

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