This is the view right now from my office window at the newspaper. See the tree? Neither do I.

    After weeks of temps in the 70s, Colorado's mountains and Front Range have been hit with a monster snowstorm that is dumping at least 2 inches an hour and has been doing so since last night.

    The drive from home to work — normally a 45-minute trip — lasted much of the morning, but I felt lucky compared to the people who had gone off the highway and now sit nose-first in snowbanks. My little car handled the drive pretty well, apart from the fact that in places the snow was so deep that it scraped the bottom of the vehicle. I came close to losing control a couple of times, but — thank goodness! — made it safely.

    I have a hotel room reserved for tonight, where I shall hang out and write.

    Schools are closed — it takes something of this magnitude to get a snow day in Colorado — and most highways are going to close this afternoon.

    I wish I were home by my fireplace instead of stuck in an office! But staying in a hotel is always kind of fun. By tomorrow afternoon, I hope to have made it safely home again to snuggle in front of a fire and write.

    To all my friends in Colorado — yes, I'm talking to YOU! — be safe!!!

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