I-Team Casting Couch — the heroes

    Moving right along — we have a production schedule to which we must adhere, after all — I think a couple of heroes are ready to be cast. But I need your vote.

    For Julian Darcangelo, its down to fellow Italian, Raffaello Balzo. I love his eyes, which have Julian's coloring.

    Or Eduardo Verastugui. I love his intensity and can see him playing someone known on the street as "Dark Angel."

    For Reece Sheridan, a late-comer, Jason Lewis, who pretty much fits the description of Reece all around. No voting here. I'm just going to call this one.

    And for Marc, either Henry Cavill

    or Brazilian model Daniel Bueno.

    So cast your votes, and we'll move on to the heroines. And thanks to all of you for the luscious photos you've been emailing me!

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