Whatcha reading?

    Just before I left for the weekend, I bought JD Robb's Born in Death. I've read about half of the In Death series, so I'm skipping a bunch, but I don't have any problem doing that because I'm acquainted with the storyline. I love aspects of Nora's writing. I like how tight it is. I like how the dialogue so closely replicates real speech. I like Roarke.

    If I had five minutes to talk with Nora one on one, I would ask a bit about her writing process, then give her copies of two of my books — one contemp and one historical — and beg her to read them. I'd say, "Isweartheydon'tsuck! Justreadthempleeeeeze!" Then I would ask her for a .jpg of whatever sexy model/man inspired Roarke. I have Adrian Paul here inspiring the MacKinnon brothers and Daniel Bueno as Marc Hunter. Who represents Roarke to her?

    Then I'd buy her a drink.

    But I've set that aside to read 397 printed pages of Unlawful Contact because I need to get it back into my blood stream after two weekends of not working in order to finish it. I'm in an "I hate this story, it sucks" mood right now, so maybe this will change my mind. I hope so!

    However, tonight I have to write the cover story for tomorrow's paper. I'm writing about the raptors that nest in the crags and spires above Boulder. Remember all those reddish rocks on the mountains? Those are prime nesting places for golden eagles, prairie falcons and peregrine falcons. Last Thursday, I went hiking with a ranger to view a raptor nesting site, and it was great. The hike up kicked my ass, but watching the birds was so totally worth it. (Watching the ranger wasn't bad either.)

    So tonight I have to write that article and proof "boards" for tomorrow's early press run. Not really enough time to do both. We'll see how it goes. EGADS! I need a clone.

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