Prom photo extravaganza

    I'm going to post these relatively small, but they are clickable if you wish to enlarge them...

    This is the view I see every day and have seen almost every day of my life. This is Bear Peak. You can see that it snowed above 8,000 feet. I've been on the summit a few times. It's part of the foothills that frame Boulder, part of our city's backdrop. My office is much closer to it, about a two-minute drive from the base of the mountain.

    This is Green Mountain. The big slabs of red sandstone are the Flatirons. From right to left the very largest are known by numbers: The First Flatiron, the Second Flatiron, the famous Third Flatiron in the middle (lots of folks die climbing this), the Fourth Flatiron and the Fifth Flatirion (the pointy one). I've been on top Green Mountain a lot. I used to like to climb it year round before going to work. In the winter, I had to wear crampons. Not to be confused with tampons.

    This is my wonderful son Ben holding the corsage he'll give to his date in a few minutes.

    Ben and Liz pose for photos for pesky parents.

    The Humvee stretch limo arrives.

    Ben helps Liz get inside.

    Ben and his beautiful date Liz inside the limo.

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