The home stretch on Unlawful Contact

    Morgan MacKinnon might wear leather breeches and have longer hair, but when he's bound in Fort Carillon's guardhouse, he'll look something like this...

    Well, after that last post my life devolved into a nonstop migraine. After five days, I was about ready to lop my head off with a sword. "There can be only one!" (I actually said this outloud while contemplating the benefits of being headless.)

    I got a very, very painful massage yesterday and feel sore but better today.

    Somehow I managed to get Chapter 29 done last weekend. And now I'm starting Chapter 30. This book, unlike all of my others, will have 31 chapters plus an epilogue. So I'm officially in the homestretch. Chapter 30 contains the last part of the climax — that moment when all seems truly lost. Then Chapter 31 will take us into denouement and resolution. And the real payoff comes in the epilogue.

    It's probably going to be the longest book I've written — about 430 pages. I'm hoping and praying my editor won't make me cut. We'll see... Keep your fingers crossed!

    Tonight is prom. I'll have pictures of my handsome son and his lovely date soon. They're heading to prom with all of their friends in a Humvee stretch limo. Eighteen kids in one vehicle. At least they'll be safe.

    I'm reading Surrender right now trying to get my mind moving back toward Fort Elizabeth and those sexy MacKinnon brothers. I have to say, I'm actually enjoying the story. I haven't really been able to open the book since it came out, so this is very strange. It's almost like reading someone else's book. Every once in a while, I find myself thinking, "I wrote this?"

    I'm thinking it's time for an excerpt... But I'll save that for tomorrow. Any requests?

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