MTM — Post-Rapture Rapture Edition

    The end of the world didn’t come, and a good thing, too. That leaves us all more time to pursue earthly pleasures such as those we enjoy here on Man-Titty Monday. Truly, what’s the point of going to heaven anyway if there aren’t hot men?

    Before we get started, I want to thank everyone who participated in last Friday’s “After the Epilogue” chat. We had some technical difficulties, which irritated me, especially after I whipped out a credit card to pay for a “premium chatroom.” Still, we had a lot of fun. SueZ and Ronlyn helped with the chat — THANK YOU! — and Ronlyn edited the transcript, so if anyone missed it but wants to read what was said, contact me via Facebook.

    We’ve missed a few editions of MTM over the past few weeks, but for a good cause, as that time and space was given to Breaking Point. Speaking of which, there have been some amazing reviews of the story out there, which has prompted my agent to say, “See, told you so!” and mock me for freaking out about the book last summer. Here’s a review that just got posted today.

    And now for man chest!

    There’s really nothing to say about the man at the top, except that he’s absolutely perfect. He’s so perfect, in fact, someone should bronze him, carve sculptures of him or put him in a museum. I would personally volunteer dust and polish him every day.

    Forgive me if this fine gentleman is a repeat. With that smoldering gaze, ripped body and beautiful face, he kind of reminds me of Michelangelo’s David, except that he’s much better endowed. Seriously, have you ever looked at that sculpture? People suggest that Michelangelo was gay, but I just can’t see a gay man giving a guy a dinky winky. Get real!

    Poor David! There he is, on exhibit for all eternity, his tiny jewels right out there for everyone to see. I saw the sculpture in person during my European travels and was impressed by the detail and beauty of the work. But what struck me the most was how big David’s hands were — and how tiny his penis was.

    If the gentleman above — or any of these below — were rendered in marble, someone would have to carve some serious cock out of that rock.

    This luscious specimen is so hot he’s smoking. I’ve had some pretty steamy sex before, but none that set off the smoke detector. What a way to burn down the house!

    I just love this one — he’s ripped, hung, and wet. And though I planned to have a “Touch the Man-Titty” app up and running, it’s sadly still bogged down in the development phase. So all we can do is stare and dream of the things we want to do with that body. Such as wash our panties on that six-pack.

    Because I’m hard at work on Connor’s book, Defiant, and because I’m behind, I’m going to offer an opportunity to all of you to be Man-Titty Consultants. Want to host Man-Titty Monday as a guest blogger here? Just let me know. You bring the beef, supply your own text, and I’ll post it for you. That way I can focus on writing without depriving you of your Monday morning chesticles.

    Happening this week:

    On Thursday, I’m the guest at Romance & Oreos, Marie Force's book club. The wonderful and talented Ronlyn has been working on what she calls “The Most AWESOME PC Interview EVER!” I must say that she asked some interesting questions. The interview will be posted Thursday, and all of you will have the chance to ask questions, as well. In addition, I will be giving away a signed book of the winner’s choice during the interview.

    Coming soon:

    That interview with the I-Team heroes I promised you. Now it can include Zach.
    The latest word on my side projects, including a SEAL novella and An I-Team Christmas.

    So stay tuned!

    In the meantime, have a lovely Monday!

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