MTM — Sexy chesticles

    Man-Titty Monday began as a weekly celebration of my favorite male body part — the male chest. I like chest so much that when I took my first foreign language class in high school, the first thing I did was look up the word “chest.” I could say “pecho muy guapo” before I could say anything else in Spanish. And that’s not all.

    I gave my virginity to the first man I met who had rock-hard pecs and abs and obliques. He was on the national gymnastics team of the country where I was living and had the body of a god. Sadly, his mind didn’t match his physique. But that doesn’t diminish the fact that I got to enjoy the best attributes of a man who would have made a fine edition to MTM himself.

    This week, after looking at robust male bulges, we return to the ogling of chesticles. The guy up top has such fine pecs that he even admires them. See how he stares at himself?

    I tried for a selection this week that included men with chest hair.

    But then I came across this fine example of pec-tacular studliness and just didn’t care that he probably sat in a salon for an hour having hair ripped out of his boobs. Now, it could be that my eyes are tired after 16 hours of nonstop writing... But is that a little happy trail on his lower belly?

    Here we have a man for those of you who aren’t really into muscle and prefer the poet’s body. Hard but lean and long. Hey, I’m not picky. I’ve got a thing for pecs and abs and obliques, but you wouldn’t find me tossing this guy out of my bedroom.

    And last but not least on this lovely fall morning, it's Alex O'Laughlin in Hawaii Five-O mode. The man is smoking hot. Note the ripped physique, the perfect amount of chest hair, the Australian accent. Okay, so you can’t see his accent, but you can listen to it in a zillion interviews on YouTube.

    I had a bit of a rough writing weekend. Yes, Breaking Point nearly drove me to a breaking point. I came to a key chapter and struggled to get the words right. I have a vision of the scenes I write in my head. I know the emotional wallop I want them to pack. I know the action that must occur. I know the plot threads that must advance. And when the words that come out of my fingers don’t create the results I need, it gets extremely frustrating.

    At one point, I was torn between the urge to smash my computer to bits and the urge to tear out all my hair. I went to bed instead. Then I got up early and Skyped by baby sister in Sweden. An hour later, I was back on an even keel again.

    I have a hard deadline of Nov. 29 for Breaking Point. That means a lot of writing between now and then. This book is ending up longer than I intended, so I'll have probably 32 chapters, plus the epilogue. I just finished Chapter 28.

    In other news: I learned rather recently that the author's note I spent so much time writing did not get published in Naked Edge. I can only assume it was a space issue. But it’s unfortunate, given how much real life played into that story. So if you’ve read Naked Edge and want to read the author’s note, click here. It will take you to my website, where I’ve posted the entire thing.

    I’ll be putting a glossary in Breaking Point — if I can remember all the words and terms I felt needed a glossary. D’oh! No author’s note this time, however.

    Have a great chest-tacular Monday, everyone!

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