MTM — Say It With Chest

    Nice... Very nice...

    Okay, so if you don't get it, that's a play on the FTD slogan, "Say it with flowers." But men give women flowers. Women can give women flowers, but why not give chest instead? Man-chest, that is.

    Consider this my man-bouquet to all of you. It's a parting gift. Yes, I am saying farewell — temporarily.

    Dry that thing... gently

    Today is my last blog post until Breaking Point is done. I won't be online except to check my e-mail. I need every neuron working hard on my book, which means necessary isolation. Social media are fun, but they do take some time. Right now, every free moment I have must go into the book. I have until Nov. 29 to turn it in and, as usual, I don't know how it ends.

    Mmm. Julian!

    But I won't leave you alone. No, I wouldn't do that. Instead, I'm going to leave you with the flower of manhood. I hope you'll enjoy gazing upon their beauty over the next couple of weeks.

    Someone got wet and sandy.

    When I return, there will be excerpts and contests and reading challenges and lots of sexy photos of guys to keep your Mondays bright.

    Notice the fuzz above his fun. This ought to have run last week.

    In the meantime, I’ll take all the good vibes you can send my way. This is absolutely the most action-packed book I’ve ever written, and I hope to have it in your hands on May 3!

    Take care, and see you again soon!

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