Breaking Point cover news! We got him!

    I just got confirmation from my editor that the photo shoot with Jed Hill happened and that he will be the model on the cover of my next I-Team book, Breaking Point. So, everyone, feast your eyes on Zach MacBride. Not sure what he's doing with boxing gloves. Maybe as part of staying fit — after all former Navy SEALs who become Deputy U.S. Marshals still need to stay in good shape — he took up boxing.

    And football, too. Why not? Strap into some shoulder pads, grap a pig skin, skip the T-shirt and the athletic cup (he ain’t wearing one), and get hot and sweaty tossing the ball around. I’m all for that.

    Though I think it’s safe to say that Jed Hill deserves the Gold Medal for Obliques, he has a beautiful body over all — and a beautiful face. I love the intensity of his gaze. I love the masculine jawline. I love the full lips.

    The man is, in a word, purrfect. And he is the perfect Zach.

    Neither my editor nor I have seen any of the art yet, but when I have something to show you, you know I will.

    So, you ended up with an MTM anyway — just several hours late.

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