Bookmark! Bookmarks! Want one?

    Today I got home from work to find a big box and a padded envelope waiting on my front steps. I got very excited because I thought my author copies were in the box and the bookmarks that my publisher had made up for me were in the padded envelope.

    Other way around!

    I have a single lovely copy of Naked Edge that I shall be cuddling tonight and about a zillion sexy Naked Edge bookmarks. That’s just an estimate, of course. There could be more than a zillion.

    Which means I’m giving bookmarks away!

    Anybody want one? Yes?

    Well, then all you need to do is complete one of the following I-Team hero quotes:

    Reece: “You need a man, Kara. A man you can open up to. A man whose passion for life matches yours. A man who grabs your hair in big fistfuls and twists and pulls it when he’s fucking you. A man willing to .....”

    Julian: “If you try to tell me next time I see you that you haven’t been thinking about fucking me, I’m going to....”

    Marc: “It’s not so much where I want you, Sophie, as it is how. Nothing tastes quite like a woman, and no woman...”

    Extra points for anyone who can complete this quote:

    Will: “I agreed not to have sex until after the wedding. But I didn’t agree not to touch you, Lissy. I intend to touch you every day. Get ...”

    Double extra points for this one:

    Gabe: “If I can’t be man enough to keep my hands off you like I should, then at least let me be man enough to ...”

    E-mail your answer to me at my e-mail address, together with your address. If you’re suspicious that “Pamela Clare” is just a cover for an international crime syndicate and don‘t want to give me your address, then just mail me a self-addressed stamped envelope to: PO Box 1582, Longmont, CO 80501.

    Have fun!

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