The night you were saved by an I-Team hero

    OK, so, I have gotten precisely zero questions for the I-Team heroes. This either means everyone is really busy, or no one has anything to ask Marc, Julian, Reece and Gabe. Given that school has just started, I'm betting it's the former. Believe me, I understand. The stress at the paper was extreme enough today to leave me — a journalism veteran of more than 15 years — ready to scream.

    Being a woman, I know that women like to be seduced. They like the mood to be just right. So let me set the stage a bit better...

    You're in a strange town (maybe Denver — it's plenty strange) walking down the street at night. From behind you hear approaching footsteps. You look over your shoulder and see two men in hoodies following you down the street.

    You walk a bit faster.

    So do they.

    You turn a corner, hoping they won't follow you, but they do.

    They're laughing now, calling out to you, leaving no doubt in your mind that if they get their hands on you, it will become the worst night of your life. Your pulse races. Your mouth goes dry.

    You start to run.

    They run, too, and they're so much faster than you are.

    They're right behind you now, laughing at your fear, and you can hear that they're excited. They're excited at the prospect of hurting you.

    A hand grabs the collar of your shirt.

    You scream, feel yourself jerked backward, and fall. You know what's going to happen now, and you're at a place so far beyond fear that your mind is nothing but buzzing panic, white noise that races to the frantic rhythm of your heartbeat.

    Out of an alley you didn't even notice, a dark figure appears. You can't see his face because he's moving too fast and you're so scared. In a heartbeat, one of the men who was chasing you is on the ground, writhing in pain.

    You crawl as fast as you can out of the way and watch as the tall, dark figure takes down your other would-be attacker.

    Then the dark figure turns to you, kneels down. "Are you okay?"

    His voice is soothing, deep.

    You're breathing hard, shaking from head to foot, and it takes you a moment to answer. "Y-yes."

    He helps you to stand, and you get your first look at his face. "Let's get you out of here."

    Twenty minutes later, you're back at your hotel. He walks you to your room, offers to stay until the police arrive. You're grateful, because the thought of being alone right now is too terrifying. But you're finally in a calm enough frame of mind to thank him, and while you wait for the police, you have a chance to ask him anything you want.

    You start with the basics. "Y-you may have saved my life. Wh-what's your name?"

    Now... Who is it — Marc, Julian, Reece, or perhaps even Gabe? If you could ask him anything, what would it be?

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