The "cast" of the I-Team — final results

    I must have ADD, because I suddenly found myself wanting to move on from this topic. Therefore I spent some time one evening "casting" the rest of the rolls. I used your votes to cast the heroes, then just kind of went out and did the rest. I hope you like the results!

    Reece and Kara

    Julian and Tessa

    Marc and Sophie

    Tom Trent or Chief Irving -- I have a very concrete image of both men in my mind and I had a hard time finding anyone who came close. However, this suggestion (made by Bo? I can't remembeR) is a good one.

    This is exactly how I think of Matt, plus I love Paul Bettany! He's a fantastic actor and fits Matt to a "T."

    Jennifer Connelly (by coincidence Paul Bettany's wife) would be the perfect Natalie.

    Natasha Kaye Johnson is a real Navajo actress and journalist. She'd be a great Kat with contact lenses. I'm not sure who she's with in this photo, but the grannie here is very much typical of the wonderful grannies one finds in Navajoland.

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