Naked Edge — Here's the cover!

    Look at what I just got from my editor at Berkley — the cover for Naked Edge! The colors are showing up a bit funky here, but it's actually a kind of purple. I absolutely love it and think it fits the story — and the series — very well. It's important that it fit the feel of the other books, I think.

    What do you think???????????

    I am on Chapter 17 out of 30 now — that's more than half-way done. Most of the really hard work — characterization, research, etc. — are done, so I hope that the second half will move much more quickly than the first half. I may be going longer and longer between blog posts as I finish the book because I desperately need to catch up. So please forgive me if these posts sit for a long time!

    I'm dying to hear your thoughts.

    Also, here's an image I found that would also be great for casting Kat and Gabe — it's Nathan Kamp and some preternaturally beautiful woman.

    Have a great day, everyone! It's almost Friday!

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