Latest poll results / Extreme Exposure giveaway

    Barring a last-minute rush in the next four hours, the "Fairy God Mother Menage a Trois" poll results are as follows.

    In First Place as the most desire duo are Iain and Morgan MacKinnon with nine votes.

    Tied in Second Place are three duos: Julian & Iain, Julian & Marc and Marc & Morgan, each receiving four votes.

    In Third Place, with three votes, are Morgan & Nicholas.

    The duos of Nicholas & Iain, Nicholas & Marc and Nicholas & Julian each received a single vote.

    Julian & Morgan was the only duo not to receive a single vote.

    Reece and Mr. Jiggle Stick got a single write-in vote, though perhaps more of you would have chosen this if you'd known you could.

    Although I didn't cast a vote, I would have voted for Julian & Marc if — and only if — I'd had to choose just one. When it comes to Fairy God Mother fantasies, however, why not mix and match to suit your mood?

    I'll leave the poll up for a couple of days so you can peek at the results.

    The other poll that's still up finished last weekend, and it dealt with which book you'd like me to write next. I allowed you all to pick more than one, thinking that the multiple votes would offer a clear indicator of where your interests lie.

    Not surprisingly, Connor's book — the next story in the MacKinnon's Rangers trilogy — placed first, ahead of Naked Edge, the next book in the I-Team series. An 18th-century Scottish or English historical came in third, followed by another Kengleigh/Blakewell historical. A paranormal story about King Arthur came in fifth, with an English medieval historical coming in last.

    Fortunately, no one voted for "None of the Above." Whew! I guess I don't have to retire.

    Of course, as of this past week, the order is set. Naked Edge is half done. It will be followed by a paranormal — yes, a paranormal — about King Arthur set in our time. And then we shall see whether another I-Team story or Connor's story comes next.

    I wish I could write them all simultaneously, but I don't have enough RAM in my cranium for that.

    So a funny thing happened on Friday... I was autographing Extreme Exposure for an excited reader when I accidentally started to write my sister's name instead of the reader's name. D'oh!

    As a result, I am giving away a single copy of Extreme Exposure with a "Dear M..." scribbled out in it. I will autograph it and send it to one happy winner who can say, "Yeah, her books are okay, even if she's a ditz." To enter, just post and say that's why you're posting. I welcome lurkers to decloak, particularly if they haven't read any I-Team books.

    Coming soon... New polls, a chat with Lord William Wentworth, and a sexy excerpt from Naked Edge!

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