Contest! Contest! Contest!

    Hi, everyone!

    I just wanted to pop in to announce that lovely Barbara of Happily Ever After fame is holding a contest tomorrow — that's Wednesday, Feb.3 — to give away a set of autographed MacKinnon's Rangers books. One lucky winner will received autographed copies of both Surrender and Untamed.

    If you've never read the books, this is your chance to score some free reading material. If you have read them, it's your chance to win a pair of books signed by me. I can't remember which version of the cover Surrender has — maybe Barbara can post and tell us — but the words inside are the same regardless, aye?

    To participate in the contest, just pop over to Happily Ever After on Wednesday.

    For those of you — Ronlyn, Debbie and Jo — who have questions pending with Connor, I must tell you that I got pulled out of my "channeling" duties this afternoon when our lead story at the paper fell through and I had to start working on something new. I've been researching the story and doing interviews all afternoon and evening and am about to dip my quill in the ink jar and get some words onto parchment. We'll have to finish chatting with Connor later.

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