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    The results are in! And they're not what I expected.

    When I put this poll together, I expected that Iain, Morgan and Nicholas would be the most popular historical heroes, with Alec and Jamie garnering few votes. Of those, I thought Iain would win. Silly me!

    Nicholas came in first with 33 percent of the vote.
    Iain came in second with 28 percent of the vote.
    Alec — ! — came in third with 19 percent.
    And poor Morgan came in fourth with 14 percent of the vote.
    Jamie came in last (no surprise to me) with 4 percent.

    Benjy thinks that perhaps some people voted without having read Untamed. That would be nice, but I'm not betting on it.

    As for your contemporary hero, a full 50 percent chose Marc "Hunt" Hunter, while 35 percent chose Julian "Dark Angel" Darcangelo, and 15 percent chose Reece Sheridan. This didn't surprise me at all, as I felt most readers were being forced to choose between Marc and Julian.

    Then came the real shocker. Yes, a total upset!

    (The best I can do to depict Connor right now with no cover and no story written...)

    Here I am laboring away on Naked Edge, thinking that most of my readers are jonesing for an I-Team fix, when 60 percent of you say you want Connor's story, Defiant, next rather than Kat and Gabe's!


    I won't let my Muse hear this, or she might kick Gabe right off a rock.

    So, my dears, can you indulge me and tell me why you voted the way you did with regard to your favorite historical hero and which book you're anticipating most.

    Of course, there may be some surprises in store for you...

    And those are the subject of my next poll.


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