New beginnings

    I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's celebration. Despite another car accident in the family — my brother's in-laws were rear-ended and suffered minor injuries — we had a great evening. I spent the last hours of 2008 with my two boys and my brother's oldest son watching Charleton Heston overact in Planet of the Apes and eating fondue. We finished in time to count down the last minutes of the year.

    Then I took my nephew home and watched P.S. I Love You with my brother and nephew. I cried from the beginning of that movie through the end. My eyes were still swollen yesterday. Egads! Great film, but be sure to watch it with a box of Kleenex. I'd avoided it all this time precisely because I knew I'd cry like a baby.

    My brother and I stayed up till 4 AM talking, this past year and its struggles giving us a lot to talk over as we both looked forward to the new year. I always take New Year's very seriously. For me, it's never been about drinking — I didn't drink a drop of booze — but rather about taking a personal inventory of one's life. I've never entered a new year without ideas of what I wanted to change. Sometimes I write them down; other times I just keep them in mind.

    So what are this year's New Year's resolutions?

    To eat healthier.
    To exercise more.
    To stress less.
    To get completely out of debt.
    To act with greater integrity and kindness in all areas of my life.
    To focus more on my spiritual life.
    To write faster and spend less time online.
    To offer more service to others and make fewer demands.

    Does anyone have resolutions they want to share?

    Right now I'm working on NAKED EDGE. I'm probably going to take an extended Internet break here soon so that I can finish the book on time. But we still have the MacKinnon Brothers interview to enjoy and a few other things besides.

    Have a great day!

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