Late-breaking news....

    I am very excited to tell you that Pamela Clifton will be joining us on my blog during the month of March as part of my month-long "Prison Diaries" series of blogs.

    Unlawful Contact is dedicated to Pam's daughter, who was stillborn after guards neglected and even teased Pam when she went into labor at eight months gestation. When I first "met" Pam, it was over the phone, as she was an inmate in the women's prison. But she's out and doing very well and will join us to comment on the book and on the issues it explores.

    I will probably interview her and then ask you all to jump in with your questions. I'll let you konw when this is going to be so you can write it on your calendars and not miss it.

    Pam is a very special woman, and I felt that I was really doing my job as a journalist when I broke her story. I got fired from one newspaper for covering her situation, and then became editor of another. But I won't tell the story here...

    So please join me in welcoming her to the blog. She posted a message to me below, and she'll be back.

    Hope you're all doing well.

    In the meantime, I'm going through my jail notes in preparation for "Goldilocks Goes to Jail," which will launch either tomorrow or Friday, depending on how late I can stay awake.

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