And the winner is.... Rosie!

    Congratulations, Rosie! Your name was drawn in a completely random drawing using my son Benjy's famous fedora. Please email me your mailing address so I can get a signed ARC of Unlawful Contact in the mail to you.

    But, please, those of you who de-lurked, stick around! Because March and April are going to feature lots of giveaways, including a chance to win:

    A signed copy of the entire trilogy
    "Marc" and "Sophie" scents designed by parmufer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (I love them!)
    A tie by designer Jill Taga (
    And a 100-percent eco-friendly designer handbag by Vamp Bags (

    That's the grand prize, and it's worth about $500.

    In addition, I'll give away lots of copies of the book and samples of "Marc" and "Sophie" scents.

    But those are just the contests.

    My next post will launch "Prison Diaries," i.e., "Goldilocks Goes to Jail." I'll share with you my experience from beginning to end of being arrested and locked in jail for 24 hours on bogus felony charges.

    So Lisa, Phyl, Anixela, Mollie, Morgan, Christi, Debbie D., Kelli Jo, Brenda, Sara, Karen, Cheryle, Tweety and Kim H. — and my dear FOPs — please check back regularly. Maybe Benjy's fedora will pop your name out next time. (It's kind of our family equivalent of a sorting hat...)

    Now to answer Morgan's question, here's an idea of Julian. I wish this image included razor stubble, but you get the idea.

    Duncan as Julian, sort of

    And this is for Bo...

    Duncan as Iain/Morgan/Connor

    And, well, this last one is for me

    Duncan as bedtime snack

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