Surrender in Norsk

    I got home today to find a wee box on my steps. It was from my agent. I thought it might be anything. Who knows? She periodically sends stuff she thinks I might like.

    I opened it and discovered copies of Surrender in Norwegian. The title of the book has been changed to The Brand, referring, of course, to the terrible brand Annie wears on her inner thigh thanks to her dear Uncle Bain. (Norwegian is very easy for me to read; it's almost exactly like Danish.)

    The blurb on the back is very well done, I thought. Authors have very little involvement with foreign publishers and foreign-language translations (though I would love to be more involved in multi-lingual events and such and maybe adding foreign-language pages to my website soon).

    The back reads:

    " Lady Anne Campbell was betrayed by her own uncle and sent to the English colonies in America, where she was sold as an indentured servant. It was a hard life, and Anne survived an Indian attack... only because a scout, Iain MacKinnon, was willing to risk his own life and his position in the army to save her.

    "Warm feelings arise between Anne and Iain, but he has nothing to offer her. He is bound to the English army, and his commander, Lord William Wentworth, is willing to do anything to have Anne for himself... "

    Anyone have Norwegian friends or relatives who might want a romance in norsk? I've got five copies. I'm actually reading Surrender right now to keep in a Ranger mood during the work week. It might be fun to see how they translated it.

    Okay, so maybe this is only interesting to me. If you're bored, just look at John DeSalvo's awesome nipple on the front cover. That ought to tide you over until my next post.

    Only a week till Christmas, and I haven't started shopping yet!

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