Jayne Ann Krentz and Me

    Lost and Found by Jayne Ann Krentz and Pamela Clare (Kindle Edition - Mar 3, 2007) - Kindle Book

    It's every author's dream. You open your browser, go to Amazon.com, and there on the screen is your book! You stare at it, thinking, "Wow! I wrote that. I wrote that!" Ah, yes. Such a special feeling.

    And then there are those rare times you log on and see your name and think, "I wrote that?"

    Such was my experience today when I went to Amazon to see if the cover of Unlawful Contact was up and discovered that I had co-written a book with none other than Jayne Ann Krentz! The title of the book was Lost and Found, which seemed to be very appropriate because I'd lost any memory of ever having worked with Ms. Krentz and had only just now found the story.

    Imagine my swelling sense of pride. Me and New York Times bestseller Jayne Ann Krentz writing together. Any author would be proud to be part of such a partnership. I found myself full of questions: Did Jayne and I work well together? Were our styles compatible? Which one of us wrote the sex scenes? Who handled characterization best? When is our next co-authored book coming out? And why if I co-authored that book is my name not on the cover?!?

    The most amazing thing about this novel is that I wrote it with zero stress. None at all. No long hours agonizing over which word comes next. No brainstorming character. No research. I would love to write more books in this fashion.

    The first thing I need to do is find out how to contact Jayne and find out if she'd like to continue this partnership. But just between you all and me, I'm guessing she thinks she did more of the work and considers me a freeloader. Well, she may have something there.... Hmmm...

    Seriously, it's a funny mistake. I'm not sure how the folks at Amazon accomplished this, but it made me laugh. I suppose in their rush to "kindle-ize" her book, someone got a wee bit confused. Now I can only hope that having my name in close proximity to Ms. Krentz will result in magic author fairy dust rubbing off on me so that I can find my way on the New York Times bestseller list, too, one day.

    Thanks, Jayne. :-)

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