MTM goes on a dig

    This is my kind of artifact

    My college degree and grad school work is in archaeology, but in my 10 years of studying Latin, Greek, and archaeological technique, I never saw a dig that produced anything like this. And when I say that, what I mean is that I spent three months classifying turkey ulna. Yes, turkey wing bones. Three months. The fact that they’d come from Chaeronea in Greece did not excite me.

    But this find does.

    Just imagine digging him up, using that little brush to clear away layer after layer of sand, noting the location of his body, the placement of his limbs and other bits. If you were the artist assigned to the dig, you would sketch him in detail, noting any unique features or markings. If you were the lead archaeologist, you would hand off all the real work to your grad students and ask one of them to classify this find, then you would put your name on the paper and take credit for it all. (No, I’m really not bitter at all.)

    And if the job of classification were handed to me, I would classify this find as “├╝ber-hot and suitable for publication on Man-Titty Monday.”

    Only one thing bothers me... Does this guy shave his legs?

    Back to ancient Greece.

    I’ve always been a lover of the male form. When I was a classics student, slaving away over Latin texts and Minoan pottery exams, I used to tell people that I was going to have a T-shirt made that said, “I’m waiting for Doryphoros.” (Wow, do you realize how much of a nerd this makes me? And I’m confessing to it in public!)

    Meet Doryphoros

    Doryphoros, also known as “The Canon” is a famous, frequently copied High Classical Greek sculpture by Polyclitus. The original is lost. This image here is a reproduction of a Roman copy, I believe. (And contrary to what those of you with some limited knowledge of ancient languages might believe, “Polyclitus” does not mean “many clits.”)

    Um... what was I saying?

    Oh, yes, so this is Doryphoros, and I once fancied myself in love with him. Then I discovered living men. Besides, this guy might be ripped, but he’s got the endowments of a little boy.

    Of course, no MTM archaeological expedition would be complete without a trip to Sparta...

    Scotsmen look good no matter what they’re not wearing.

    ... or Troy.

    I want to be the one whose job it is to smear oil and fake blood on Brad Pitt’s chest.

    Enjoy your Monday!!!

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