AAR Favorite Books by Favorite Authors results

    The results of All About Romance's Favorite Books by Favorite Authors poll are up, and I was surprised.

    Here's the order in which you, my readers, put them:

    1. Hard Evidence
    2, Unlawful Contact
    3, Ride the Fire
    4. Untamed
    5. Surrender
    6. Extreme Exposure
    7. Sweet Release
    8. Carnal Gift

    I'm not surprised by the last one, but I am surprised that Hard Evidence placed first, ahead of Unlawful Contact and Surrender. I'm also surprised that Untamed placed ahead of Surrender.

    On Amazon, Surrender has by far the most reviews — 47 — and most are very positive. (Believe it or not, my mother and I don't post reviews for my books, and I don't know most of the people who do.) Unlawful Contact comes in just behind Surrender with 30 reviews, most of them five-star.

    Hard Evidence, by contrast, took some serious knocks from reviewers, who found Tessa to be an irritant and TSTL. (To which I've always wanted to say, "I'm an investigative reporter and I've done some of those things. Am I TSTL?") Of course, Julian is pretty popular with all of you. No doubt about that.

    And speaking of Julian, someone sent me this photo today to cheer me up, and I thought immediately of Dark Angel...

    You should check out the Faves by Faves page at AAR because it has a pretty substantial list of authors whose books readers have ranked according to which they liked most. It's a great way to get acquainted with a new author and reassure yourself that you're not starting with her worst book.

    I fully expected Surrender and Ride the Fire to be at the top, along with Unlawful Contact, with Untamed coming in at No. 4, perhaps.

    And thanks to all of you who took the time to vote!

    I told Lee Brewer, AAR's publisher liason and pollster, that I feel like a real romance novelist now that I'm included on the Faves by Faves page. She very generously replied that having a single book published makes a person an author.

    So what do you think? Did the vote go the way you expected? How would you change it if you didn't. I know what Kristie J will say...

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