Favorite sex scenes

    A while back — it seems like eons ago — I posted a poll asking you all to tell me what your favorite sex scenes are from my novels. Fun idea, only it seems I didn't do it right.

    Because the poll function doesn't allow you to enter words, I had to make a list from which you could choose. In making that list, I attempted to put what I thought (from a reader point of view) were the best scenes from each book. But I left out the waterfall scene with Morgan and Amalie, and I left out an entire story — Will and Lissy's story, "Heaven Can't Wait."

    As a result, some of you let me know that you couldn't vote because your favorite scene wasn't listed.

    Here are the results as they stand:

    Alec & Cassie: The shackle scene — 0 (0 percent)
    Jamie & Bríghid: Tied up in the forest — 1 (3 percent)
    Bethie & Nicholas: "No man but me" — 6 (21 percent)
    Iain and Annie: The shaving scene — 6 (21 percent)
    Morgan & Amalie: The "wolf" scene — 0 (0 percent)
    Kara & Reece: The "menage" with Mr. Jiggle Stick — 0 (0 percent)
    Tessa & Julian: The shower scene — 4 (14 percent)
    Sophie & Marc: The Jag shag — 9 (32 percent)
    None of the above. I have a different favorite — 2 (7 percent)

    The Jag Shag won, but with only 32 percent of the vote. That was followed by the "No Man But Me" scene from Ride the Fire, a favorite of mine, and the shaving scene from Surrender. After that came Tessa and Julian's shower scene, and then Jamie and Bríghid's forest scene.

    I was surprised that Alec and Cassie's shackle scene got no votes and that Kara and Reece and Mr. Jiggle Stick similarly got no votes. But, hey, what do I know? The wolf scene from Untamed also received no votes, but for some reason that doesn't surprise me.

    So here's the question: If you could choose and weren't limited to the choices I made, what would it be?

    And, most importantly, why???????

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