A Visit To Ranger Country — The Movie

    We interrupt these hero interviews to bring you a short video look at Ranger Country.

    My son, Ben, a film major at Ithaca College in NY, took a little hand-held cam-corder and did some "guerilla filmmaking" of the places we visited. He got very caught up in what we were seeing as well, so there wasn't a lot of footage in the end. We had intended to do a mini-documentary. But we didn't have enough time and Ben wouldn't have been able to enjoy himself.

    So this is some edited footage set with a truly Benjy soundtrack. Enjoy! And watch till the end...

    That's me without coffee!

    Also, please forgive the truly hideous boat hair. You'll see what I mean.

    If you want to see/learn more, find my Travel Diaries here in the archives.


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