Book Trailer for Unlawful Contact

    After much effort, here it finally is! Enjoy!

    Many, many thanks to Mike Hupfer of Millennium Productions and to Chris and Libby and Olivia and Gary at the Dog House for their hard work and help in making this a reality.

    And doesn't Libby look snaxy? And she didn't even get collagen shots in her lips. Move over, Angelina, Libby can out-lip you any day!

    Sorry I've been away, but life has been running at full-throttle lately and I'm the lucky recipient of guests. Joanie is here from Hong Kong and she's been an absolute joy to spend time with. Aimee arrived last night and we had a blast together, all four of us, at Libby's house eating some fine homemade cuisine.

    OK, back to work....

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