Your favorite scene

    We got our first snow this morning — big, fat wet flakes that drifted slowly to the grass. I'm sure the high country is buried under several inches or more. When the clouds lift tomorrow, I'll be looking at snow-capped Rockies running from as far north as I can see all the way to the southern horizon.

    Gotta love Colorado.

    I'm sitting in front of my fire writing — or trying to write. I think Morgan and Amalie are aggravated with me, and I dinnae blame them. I'm irritated with me, too.

    So I thought I'd turn to you for inspiration. Yes, you, my friends.

    Please, if you would be so kind:

    1. Share with me your favorite scene from one of my books. (If you have multiples, you can list more than one.)

    2. Why it is your favorite scene?

    3. If you got to spend the night making hot, sweet love with one of my heroes, who would it be?

    OK, back to Upstate NY, ca. 1730, where Amalie has the key and is going to unlock Morgan's shackles — sort of....

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