Estoy escritoria

    I'm home with a sick kid today. Ben has what the doc says might be West Nile Virus. High fever, chills, body aches. He called me from school yesterday afternoon, shivering so hard that he could hardly speak through his chattering teeth. He's doing better today. Boulder County is No. 1 nationwide for West Nile, so I'm not surprised given how many nights he spent out this summer making his movie.

    Ann, did you get bitten by any skeeters while you were here? Maybe Linda didn't have a cold after all. I hope you're both feeling better.

    I was worried that my Gangsta Bitch sistas would get sick because we got bitten a fair amount the last night they were here, but they seem to be fine.

    So today was fun because FedEx brought a package of books — the Spanish translation of Hard Evidence, titled only Evidencia. I know some Spanish — I have studied 9 languages formally in school and a few others on my own, but have forgotten most of them — and have been getting my kicks reading passages of it to my sister, who does speak Spanish quite well.

    Apparently, the Spanish edition (in Spain) of USA Today reviewed it and gave me a great review. (Why won't they review it in the U.S.?) The cover blurb quotes that review: "Una escritoria maravillosa que te cortará la respiración." (A wonderful author who will take your breath away.)

    See, I'm spending too much time with Evil Libby, BWP, GB, because the next thought that pops into my head is, "And what will I do with your breath once I have it? Bwahahaha!"

    Here's a cool thought: My books are out in six languages. This same Spanish publisher has also published Extreme Exposure. There are French and Norwegian translations of Carnal Gift, French and Portuguese editions of Extreme Exposure, two different German translations of Sweet Release, the covers of which frighten me, an Italian edition of Surrender and various translations in these same languages of Ride the Fire. I can read the Norwegian and German translations and get a kick out of that.

    And, see, there goes Libby in my head again... These translations are my first step toward global domination!

    Yes, I'm taking over the world. I need to get some writing done first, of course, and I'd like my house to be clean beforehand. I'm in desperate need of a pedicure, and I haven't had a drip of caffeine today. But once all of that is taken care of, it's chocolate and naked men for everyone!

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