RWA memories

    Geez, it's hard to be home! One day back at the office and it feels like RWA is part of the pleistocene past or something. I miss my friends. I miss the drinks. I miss the spontaneous fun that is the hallmark of RWA.

    There's something special about the friendship of fellow authors. They're the only people who know what it's like to walk around with voices in your head — a head with its own village of people, each one of whom is clamoriing to get out. They're the ones who know what it's like to miss your characters so much that you get depressed. They understand the thrill a good review brings and the desperation and panic that not being able to write can create inside the heart.

    There's also something special about readers. They share the love affair we authors have with our characters. If I want to share my obsession with the MacKinnon brothers or Marc Hunter or Julian Darcangelo, my readers are there. When I need bolstering because my tendency to be self-critical overwhelms my muse, my readers are there.

    RWA brings them both together so beautifully!

    Here are some of my favorite photos from RWA. (Thanks to Leiha for bringing her camera and emailing me these pics!)

    The best thing about this year's RWA was being together with my mother. After some health scares, it was such a blessing to have her with me. As one really wonderful bookseller said to me, "Your mom is your RITA." And she was.

    This is my home girl, Bonnie Vanak. She was such an angel to me throughout the week, helping me through my RITA jitters with drink after drink. It was wonderful to spend so much time with her.

    When I want to find CJ Barry/Samantha Graves, I look in the bar. And here she was again! I was able to hang out and let my hair dry before the Daphne Awards.

    My mother got out on the dance floor at the Harlequin party on Friday night to do the twist. She had a blast.

    This is me getting a little wild with RBL's Su. She's so much fun (and so sexy) that she ought to be illegal.

    Bonnie, Emma Holly and I hit the dance floor together at Harlequin. Though Emma and I have known each other via Internet for a few years, this conference marks the first time we met face to face. I had a blast! She's a sweetheart and very funny!

    Gennita Low and I have been friend since we first became authors, and I love getting together with her every year at these events — and on her occasional visits to Denver.

    I had the honor of being the first filling of the night in the Asian Persuasion Sammich featuring Leiha and Su. I'll be your vanilla any day, girls! Some people nearby were shocked by this pose. We're not sure why.

    More photos as they become available...

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